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Erik A.'s Diary                  Viewed 30652 times          Get diary email alerts

Erik A.

Medical College of Wisconsin

2010, MD degree

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No questions please.

My profile and pre-med prep.

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7/30/2009Seriously, you can contact me if you have any questions. It is my 4th year and Senior-itis is setting in....
8/3/2008Boards step 1 are done. After busting my butt studying and considering the score I got, I am very pleased with how the exam went. My score is compet...
6/5/2008Studying for the boards is painful....
4/8/2008This is one of my favorites.
What medical school feels like:
First Year: Self inserting the umbrella in your rectum.
Second Year:...
2/16/2008I am not going to write anything in a web-diary if no one is out there to read it. If any one cares about my specific experiences, ask me directly. ...
12/17/2007Three semesters down. This is exhausting. I expected medical school to be a huge commitment, but the details of that commitment are not apparent unt...

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