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Jesse Stringer's Diary                  Viewed 28738 times          Get diary email alerts

Jesse Stringer

Medical College of Wisconsin

2009, MD degree

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You may contact me.

My profile and pre-med prep.

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5/16/2006That Time Again...

Well, the sun is finally shining and Milwaukee is finally heating up beyond the freezing point. That's right, sp...
3/23/2006Spring Break? What Spring Break?

This week marked my first Spring Break since beginning medical school. Now, I have never been one to m...
3/17/2006What's that Lassie? You want your heart stopped?!

Spring semester drags on here, with spring break officially beginning today. However,...
1/11/2006See the forest, know the trees.

You know coming in that medical school is going to be difficult. What you likely do not know at the time, ...
1/11/2006Friday, December 30, 2005 Take that, Finals. The semester is finally over. Finals became an all-consuming succubus by the end, but I got through ...
1/11/2006Sunday, December 11, 2005 Coming Soon... Just stopping in to get a start on what I hope will be an active blog. For those not in the know, I am c...

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