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Julie Nicole's Diary                  Viewed 37325 times          Get diary email alerts

Julie Nicole

University of Vermont College of Medicine

2009, MD degree

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You may contact me.

My profile and pre-med prep.

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13 posted.

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3/22/2009Match day is here!!! We matched at our first choice: OB/GYN at Fletcher Allen Health Care/University of Vermont!!!!!!!!!!...
2/16/2009With only 31 days to Match and 3 months and one day until graduation, I'm having a mild case of senioritis. My dissection class is much much more in...
1/10/2009I am finally done with my residency interviews. I applied at 21 programs in OB/GYN, mostly in New England. I received 18 invitations for interviews,...
10/11/2008I received 9 interviews so far. I'm starting to have scheduling problems and cancelled one. I am still awaiting answers from most programs in MA. I...
9/25/2008Hello everyone! Zeroing in towards graduation here. 7 more months to go! I haven't written anything in a while and a lot happened so please bare...
2/21/2008Tomorrow I will be taking my last shelf exam: Ob/Gyn. But for now, I need a little study break... I totally loved my OB rotation. I was given the...
1/28/2008I haven't written anything for a while...forgot my logon! I'm almost done with my third year. My last clerkship is OB/GYN and I finally feel at ho...
10/23/2007Pfew! I can't believe that I am now 2/3 done with my 3rd year of medical school! I "just" have to do my 7.5 weeks in Surgery until the Winter Holida...
8/31/2007I haven't written anything in a while! I'm halfway through my third year already and I can't believe how fast time is passing by! I wanted to take...
3/15/2007First week of clerkship is over! I think it went well but it was quite overwhelming. The deal is, give me time to think and I'll be able to whip up...
3/3/2007Boards are over! I don't know how I did really. I felt like a rockstar for the first 4 blocks and the last 3 blocks were more like crushing. I'm j...
2/5/200710 days before my B-day (as in boards, not birth).
Things are getting crammed as I am trying to finish up my last pass at First Aid by this Fri...
1/27/2007So, I am taking Step 1 of the Boards on February 15th. It is quite a stressful time. My kids are encouraging me to get 100%. Poor me and my 35-60% ...

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