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Profile and Perspective for Jonathan Taylor                  Viewed 54999 times

General Information
Name:Jonathan Taylor
School:West Virginia School of Osteopathic Medicine (WVSOM)
Graduating:2011, DO degree
Marital Status:Single
Second career:No
Contact prefs:You may contact me.

Pre-Med Info
Pre-med:Biology, Tennessee Temple University
Number med schools applied to:4

Read my med school diary.
Currently 58 entries.
Most recent entry: 2/4/2009
Read questions I have been asked
by readers and my responses.

Currently 54 questions and responses.

Schools applied, interviews, offers
This list only includes schools interviewed at and beyond, and may not include all schools applied to.
Med School Invitation? Interviewed? Offer?
West Virginia School of Osteopathic Medicine (WVSOM)YesYesYes
Pikeville College School of Osteopathic Medicine (PCSOM)YesYesYes
Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine - Georgia Campus (GA-PCOM)NoNoNo
Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine - Bradenton Campus (LECOM Brandenton)NoNoNo

Profile Questions and Answers
Question Answer  
Why medicine? What is your story?I chose medicince because I want to give of myself to help someone better themselves whether it be physically, mentally, emotionally, or spiritually.read other replies on this topic
Are you in any special circumstances? Anything unique?I can't say that I am in any special circumstances now. When I was coming up, I was homeschooled part of the way and attended a very small Baptist high school. At the time, some people thought that I might not get the "proper" education with homeschooling and a Christian school. But, I guess my accomplishments speak for themselves.read other replies on this topic
What was the hardest part in preparing for med school?One, the isolation that my major required. I went to a really small undergraduate university and there were very few Biology majors at my school. Moreover, being cooped up in a science lab with only the professor and maybe some other student got sorta discouraging. Secondly, the MCAT had to be the toughest part of it all. There is so much you have to know for the test, and you can never feel like you know enough.read other replies on this topic
How much did you work while going through pre-med?My first two year, I worked as a lab technician and at a retail store. The lab technician job allowed me to get my studying done before I went to work at my retail job. I averaged about 35-40hrs of work a week my first two years. My last two years, I was a RA assistant, so I was able to cut back on working off campus a little bit. I got a job my last year at the campus information desk working about 20 hrs a week. I was able to get quite a bit of homework done with that job.read other replies on this topic
What did you do for MCAT preparation?For my first MCAT, I took a Kaplan class-room course. It was a big waste of time because I didn't put enough outside studying time into it. I was taking Orgo II and Physics II at the time, so those two classes got the vast majority of my studying time. For my second MCAT, I purchased Audio Osmosis and listened to those CD's around the clock. I also purchased a bunch of practice tests. If I wasn't listening to the CD's, I was doing practice tests. I went up four points on my second MCAT score.read other replies on this topic
How much did you shadow physicians?The summers between my Junior and Senior year, I volunteered at my local emergency room two days a week. Among many things, I was able to shadow the doctors quite a bit. Near the end of my senior year, I shadowed a FP D.O. for nearly a month. It was a fantastic shadowing experience.read other replies on this topic
How much did you volunteer?Look under Shadowing experienceread other replies on this topic
What clinical exposure did you have?Beside what I mentioned under shadowing experience, I currently hold a job as an E.R. registration clerk on third shift. By working in a hospital, you a whole new perspective that you can hardly get by just volunteering.read other replies on this topic
What did you do for research?read other replies on this topic
Do you have any leadership experience?read other replies on this topic
What suggestions do you have for the personal statement?read other replies on this topic
What suggestions do you have for the secondary applications?read other replies on this topic
What suggestions do you have for the interview?read other replies on this topic
Describe your pre-med schedule, typical day and weekread other replies on this topic
Did you do any other extracurricular activities?read other replies on this topic
How did you choose your med school?read other replies on this topic
Did you take any extra coursework in preparation for med school?read other replies on this topic
Any open-ended advice?I probably can't give you any advice that you've not already heard about medical school. Yet, there is one piece of advice that I can give which might change your life. Check out this link: /gsps-english.htmlread other replies on this topic

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