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Profile and Perspective for Adam Mehring                  Viewed 34745 times

General Information
Name:Adam Mehring
School:Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine (PCOM)
Graduating:2008, DO degree
Marital Status:Single
Second career:No
Contact prefs:You may contact me.

Pre-Med Info
Pre-med:Molecular Biology, Grove City College
Number med schools applied to:5

Read questions I have been asked
by readers and my responses.

Currently 5 questions and responses.

Schools applied, interviews, offers
This list only includes schools interviewed at and beyond, and may not include all schools applied to.
Med School Invitation? Interviewed? Offer?
Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine (PCOM)YesYesYes
Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine (LECOM)YesNoNo
Arizona College of Osteopathic Medicine of Midwestern University (AZCOM)YesYesYes

Profile Questions and Answers
Question Answer  
Why medicine? What is your story?My mother is a nurse of 28 years. She is one of my biggest influences and introduced me to the medical field. And I had an incredible interest in the body; how it works and what happens when it does not. I also feel it is my "calling".read other replies on this topic
Are you in any special circumstances? Anything unique?Not really, other than on a 4 year Army scholarship which is super sweet.read other replies on this topic
What was the hardest part in preparing for med school?To be honest, the application process was the hardest thing for me. After that I was quite relieved and just ready to begin!read other replies on this topic
How much did you work while going through pre-med?I took one year off from undergrad and worked in the Durable Medical Equipment field. This was actually awesome preparation for medical school as I was constantly exposed to patients, paperwork, and therapists/doctors. I did this for one year.read other replies on this topic
What did you do for MCAT preparation?I bought a Kaplan review book and went through that several months in advance. I ended up taking that beast twice and still didn't get the score I wanted to. But, I am in my second year of medical school and have proven myself otherwise so this test is not the only thing they look at.read other replies on this topic
How much did you shadow physicians?I shadowed doctors on breaks during college and that was enough for me. I did it in my hometown. The one guy was a vascular surgeon and then I shadowed a couple of internists. It was a good experience overall.read other replies on this topic
How much did you volunteer?I really didn't do a whole lot of volunteer work except through some Christian organizations at my undergraduate college.read other replies on this topic
What clinical exposure did you have?I had exposure when I shadowed and I also went on a medical missions trip in the summer of 2002 to Romania. We basically "played" doctor and saw many patients during 10 days. It was a life-changing experience.read other replies on this topic
What did you do for research?I did not participate in any research (I know, I am terrible)read other replies on this topic
Do you have any leadership experience?During college I had some leadership roles in different clubs and in various functions.read other replies on this topic
What suggestions do you have for the personal statement?Dont' sugar-coat things. Allow your real "voice" be heard and try to be somewhat creative so that those who are reading the statements are not bored. Be adventerous and don't be afraid to gloat about yourself.read other replies on this topic
What suggestions do you have for the secondary applications?Don't blow it off. It deserves as much if not more attention than the primary. Do your best!read other replies on this topic
What suggestions do you have for the interview?It is cliched, but be yourself. Allow yourself to be nervous and don't freak out that you are nervous. Ask the interviewers questions; be interested in what they do too.read other replies on this topic
Describe your pre-med schedule, typical day and weekWhen I was in college, I had 8 o'clock classes all of the time and went most of the day. Then I would study a bit after that and try to be active in other activities. I didn't kill myself though because I knew that once I got to medical school I would be studying pretty much all of the time.read other replies on this topic
Did you do any other extracurricular activities?I participate in numerous medical school clubs in various ways. It is good to join clubs mainly for community service oppurtunities and just being with people who share the same interests as you.read other replies on this topic
How did you choose your med school?Through recommendations from my pre-med advisor at Grove City College. And also based upon my realistic chances of getting into medical schools in Pennsylvania.read other replies on this topic
Did you take any extra coursework in preparation for med school?Noperead other replies on this topic
Any open-ended advice?Don't give up; ever. If this is what you want to do with your life you will give it your BEST effort which means not giving up. Enjoy the process, as hellish as it may get at some points, and grow from it. Realize that this is all a lesson in being humble and serving your patients first.read other replies on this topic

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