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Profile and Perspective for emily                  Viewed 49445 times

General Information
School:University of Mississippi School of Medicine
Graduating:2011, MD degree
Marital Status:Single
Second career:No
Contact prefs:You may contact me.

Pre-Med Info
Pre-med:B.S. Chemical Engineering, University of Mississippi
Number med schools applied to:15

Read my med school diary.
Currently 19 entries.
Most recent entry: 8/24/2008
Read questions I have been asked
by readers and my responses.

Currently 17 questions and responses.

Schools applied, interviews, offers
This list only includes schools interviewed at and beyond, and may not include all schools applied to.
Med School Invitation? Interviewed? Offer?
University of Mississippi School of MedicineYesYesYes

Profile Questions and Answers
Question Answer  
Why medicine? What is your story?i chose medicine because isn't that every mom and dad's dream for their little kid? hahaha...in all seriousness now...i specifically want to pursue a career in academic medicine. it all started in my engineering undergrad when i got exposed to several different research projects. i decided i liked doing research, but also decided that i didn't want to do a traditional engineering field. after doing a research gig in biomed engineering in a research hospital, i decided that i loved that atmosphere so much (the whole research, practice, and teaching bit) that i wanted to stay in it. i thrive off of good stress and good puzzles to solve, so here goes!

update: after taking a break at school, i've discovered that i don't have the desire to do research anymore. it's funny how after you stop working in an academic/lab setting you find out that maybe you weren't so into it after all. the idea of teaching is still intriguing to me, but moreso on the clinical level (more of a mentor-type relationship). but i'm still the problem solver type who likes a challenge, so i think i will try to find a specialty that really allows me to flex my brain. not so much of a mushy lovey touchy feely person though.
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Are you in any special circumstances? Anything unique?nah...i'm just your average half-asian southern girl. i also like to count things.

update: still half-asian. but now i'm above average because i recycle and am afraid of high fructose corn syrup!
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What was the hardest part in preparing for med school?being around all the rabid pretentious pre-med kids. thank goodness for engineering school. it's going to be hard adjusting to the med school environment. please forgive me (if you're in my class) if i'm a bit anal retentive or weird for the first month or so.

update: my predictions were correct.
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How much did you work while going through pre-med?i had a job freshman year as a lab assistant in a coal combustion lab. summer after freshman year i still worked in that lab and took classes part time, after sophomore year i worked for the government in an environmental engineering lab, and last summer i did a biomed engineering research job. i also play piano at a church and have played a few gigs for the theater dept. at my school.read other replies on this topic
What did you do for MCAT preparation?first time i didn't study. i took 2 practice tests. i did well. second time i took 3 practice tests. i did about the same.read other replies on this topic
How much did you shadow physicians?i only shadowed one doctor for one day. last year i saw some bolivian surgeries. last summer i went to the morgue for "showings" once a week with all the interesting pathologists.

update: i've been working in a cath lab. plenty of cardiovascular fun every day, all day.
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How much did you volunteer?i volunteered a lot, mostly for the boys and girls club. i also had my fair share of missions trips and recruitment fairs.read other replies on this topic
What clinical exposure did you have?i saw a few surgeries in bolivia. that kind of freaked me out. update: seen caths, device implants, etc etc. and blood. lots and lots of blood.read other replies on this topic
What did you do for research?1. coal combustion 2. organic remediation of soil contaminated with explosives 3. bioforce probing of fetal mouse red blood cellsread other replies on this topic
Do you have any leadership experience?president of local AIChE student chapter, vice-president of engineering student body, wesley foundation leadership team, etc etcread other replies on this topic
What suggestions do you have for the personal statement?don't be a cheese. and don't talk about how your mom's aunt's brother's cousin's twice-removed dog that had cancer moved you to want to become a doctor because you did not have the "skills required" to remove the tumor yourself. talk about why you are a nerd, or why you like cooking or something.read other replies on this topic
What suggestions do you have for the secondary applications?decide for real what schools you want/don't want. i wasted too much money on schools that i knew i wasn't going to go to.read other replies on this topic
What suggestions do you have for the interview?be yourself! and look presentable. talk confidently. do not apologize for anything and stand up for yourself. give a good firm handshake. for some reason, everyone loved my handshake and they all commented about it. it set things off to a good start. and ultra-pointy girly shoes help too.read other replies on this topic
Describe your pre-med schedule, typical day and weekeh...usually freaking out (hahaha) and cramming in all my engineering homework before deadlines. right now i'm trying to balance a senior design project, honors thesis, job, and undone latin assignments. i reserve tues and thurs mornings for breakfast at a local bakery with my girlfriends. a good way to unwind and consume large amounts of caffeine.read other replies on this topic
Did you do any other extracurricular activities?i don't do as much now as i did before, but i do all the "typical" things i believe an average student would do. just have a schedule.read other replies on this topic
How did you choose your med school?i chose umc because that's the only school that accepted me! haha...but seriously...i'm glad it worked out that way. i'm very comfortable with the area, i'll be semi-close to home, and i believe it will be a good match for me in the long run.

update: umc is still great because they let folks like me take breaks without making you feel like you're worthless. very very supportive.
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Did you take any extra coursework in preparation for med school?took the standard required courses plus biochem. no genetics or anything else like that for me. might bite me in the butt one day.

update: ha! it DID bite me in the butt, so i'm recommending that you take courses like anatomy and physiology, genetics, etc.
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Any open-ended advice?just relax! it's going to be hard work and take some dedication and discipline, but don't be so focused on MED SCHOOL MED SCHOOL that you miss out on the fun times that college can offer. and try not to be "that kid" that annoys everyone for old tests and notes and don't brag to the whole world if a prof "helps" you out with grades at the end. be humble.

update: same advice, and also one more piece. don't be afraid to take a year off in between undergrad and med school. seriously, you won't realize how much your brain hurts until it's "too" late, and a year of your life to take it easy and possibly pursue something you've always wanted to try is not going to hold you back.
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