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Profile and Perspective for Brian Wolf                  Viewed 31082 times

General Information
Name:Brian Wolf
School:University of Miami Miller School of Medicine
Graduating:2011, MD degree
Marital Status:Single
Second career:No
Contact prefs:You may contact me.

Pre-Med Info
Pre-med:B.A Psychology, University of Miami 07
Number med schools applied to:1

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Profile Questions and Answers
Question Answer  
Why medicine? What is your story?There is a long history of doctors in my family so I guess you could say it is in my blood to be a doctor. In high school, I began to learn about science and saw the applications of medicine in real-world situations. It was then that I decided that I wanted to be an agent of positive change in people's lives.read other replies on this topic
Are you in any special circumstances? Anything unique?I was admitted to the Medical Scholars Program, a 7 year BS/MD program offered to sophomores at the University of Miami. Although it is required that I take the MCAT, I do not need a minimum score.read other replies on this topic
What was the hardest part in preparing for med school?During the summer, I studied for the MCAT and that was pretty tough. Although I did not need to take the MCAT before I applied to medical school, I definetly would consider that to be very difficult. Having the mental toughness to do well in school while pursuing extracurricular activities is very challenging. Time management is key.read other replies on this topic
How much did you work while going through pre-med?I did not work at a job as a pre-med student.read other replies on this topic
What did you do for MCAT preparation?I prepared with the Columbia Review at the University of Miami.read other replies on this topic
How much did you shadow physicians?I shadowed a respected cardiothoracic surgeon at Jackson Memorial Hospital several times as well as an Interventional Radiologist at Doctors Hospital. On a trip to Peru during Winter break, I shadowed an internist, a gynecologist, witnessed several gynecological surgeries, and interacted with medical students during their rounds. I also visited a Psychiatric Hospital in Peru, shadowed a psychiatrist and interacted with several patients. read other replies on this topic
How much did you volunteer?I volunteered in the emergency room at a nearby Hospital every week during the summer for a few hours.read other replies on this topic
What clinical exposure did you have?Look at my physician shadowing.read other replies on this topic
What did you do for research?I worked with a faculty member at the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine conducting research on acculturation. I worked there every week for at least a few hours.read other replies on this topic
Do you have any leadership experience?I started my own pre-medical website, .read other replies on this topic
What suggestions do you have for the personal statement?N/Aread other replies on this topic
What suggestions do you have for the secondary applications?N/Aread other replies on this topic
What suggestions do you have for the interview?RELAX. The interviewer does not want you to fail (I think). It is imperative that you prepare well in advance for the interview. Go to the interview feedback section on studentdoctor.net, download the questions for the medical school you will be interviewing at and have mock interviews with friends and family. Dress sharply.read other replies on this topic
Describe your pre-med schedule, typical day and weekGo to class for maybe 1/4 of the day, sleep for 1/4 of the day, study for almost 1/2 the day and talk to my gf. During the week I would usually conduct research for a few hours a week. I went out with my gf on the weekends.read other replies on this topic
Did you do any other extracurricular activities?Asides from volunteering, I was a member of several Pre-med clubs. I love basketball!read other replies on this topic
How did you choose your med school?Medical Scholars program at the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine. I graduate college in 3 years, don't have to worry about applying to medical schools, get to stay in Miami. I love it here and think the school is magnificent. For me, it was a no brainer.read other replies on this topic
Did you take any extra coursework in preparation for med school?No.read other replies on this topic
Any open-ended advice?If you are sure you want to be a doctor, then congratulations. This is a wonderful, rewarding field. Study hard but don't get burned out. Have fun as well. The most important thing I have learned is that you need to stand out. Start EARLY ON (pref. freshman yr) volunteering, doing research, shadowing. Find something you enjoy that you think most others will not have on their application. Best of luck to all of you! Feel free to ask me any questions and I will gladly respond.read other replies on this topic

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